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Nigel Osborne about Share Music Sweden

Listen to Tania Shillam's interview with Nigel Osborne about his involvement with Share Music Sweden, Galamanta coming to London, the project Hi-Hat Xpres and his work in Davos.

Level Playing Field

7 July, 10.00 - 17.30
A symposium on the development of musical opportunities, aesthetics and instrument technology for musicians of all physicalities. Share Music Sweden will participate! Christian Lindberg, Christer Abrahamsson and Sophia Alexandersson will introduce the Dawn at Galamanta project.

Share Music - About us

Share Music leafletRead the leaflet about Share Music Sweden.

Dawn at Galamanta

Success in London - a standing ovation!

The show was part of the City of London Festival 2012 and also a part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It was performed in Guildhall Great Hall, London on July 6th. Share Music's Facebook page: photos from the dress rehearsal in London!

Dawn at Galamanta was the centrepiece of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the City of London Festival. The piece is a fantasy story about the drama of life. As you would expect, there is love and betrayed love, jealousy and seduction, friendship and destruction. All parts are tailor-made for specific performers.

The original work was first presented in Stockholm's Central Station in 2009 to a large audience and to a great acclaim, justifying the award it subsequently received. This will be its UK première on a highly prestigious occasion.

Share Music Sweden worked with the internationally renowned trombonist, composer and conductor Christian Lindberg, the Swedish Wind Ensemble and the choreographer Helene Karabuda. The Galamanta project resulted in a commissioned piece of work.

Photo: Peter Lloyd

Artistic diversity

Dawn at Galamanta conveys the unique quality of everyone’s creative expression. The focus is on the artistic encounter that makes the most of the prerequisites of each individual. Performers come to the stage with altogether different backgrounds to work with a professional conductor and orchestra.

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