About Share Music Sweden

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Galamanta: Background

Share Music Sweden

The arts organisation behind project Galamanta is called Share Music Sweden – a non-profit, national association independent of party policy, religion and trade unions. The core activities are to organise short courses in music, dance, theatre and art.

The fundamental idea is to give all participants opportunities to develop their own artistic capacity regardless of disability or previous knowledge. Professional artists are involved vouching for a high artistic standard.

The project ensemble

The 13 participants in Galamanta come from different places all over Sweden and are familiar with Share Music courses from previous experience. The group is many-faceted and has some members with disabilities and some without.

Galamanta had its first night of performance in August 15 2009, at Stockholm Central Station. It was part of the Stockholm Culture Festival in cooperation with Moderna Dansteatern C/O, a leading Stockholm venue for contemporary and post-modern dance. Christian Lindberg himself conducted the piece.

Creative process

The project has several parts and in the preparation phase the piece gradually grew, bringing the participants and the artistic team together to develop composition ideas as a group. In the realization phase in August 2009 the orchestra, conductor, participants and choreographer rehearsed intensively together in preparation for the first night.